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Evesham Bat Care
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Since 2014


Evesham Bat Care started in the summer of 2014, originally two carers based out of their kitchens and spare rooms!  Fast forward to 2019 and there are now six carers and six ambulance drivers who will work towards becoming carers themselves over time.  We all still make the most of our kitchens and spare rooms but we also have flight care facilities which are essential for the rehabilitation of adult bats and the growing up of hand reared babies and juvenile pups.

Where we are

We cover Wychavon, Worcestershire, North-West Gloucestershire, West Warwickshire and then stretch into North Oxfordshire (Cotswolds) and East Herefordshire.  We get nothing for our fuel or time, we are all volunteers and on top of that, all have full time jobs too!

All Evesham Bat Care carers and ambulance drivers are registered with BCT (Bat Conservation Trust) and are up to date with their rabies vaccinations.  We stress the advice that bats SHOULD NOT be handled with bare skin, always wear gloves or use a tea towel to pick up a grounded bat. 

Always follow the advice given by BCT and telephone the helpline if you ever find a grounded bat.  Please do not put it on a wall in daylight in the hope it will fly away, this will just lead to suffering for the animal.

All bats in the UK are protected by law and as carers, we strive to rescue, release and rehabilitate all bats that come into our care.  Bats are absolutely not kept as pets!

Save a Life



We are always fundraising – the average bat will cost around £25 in care. This doesn’t take into account hand-reared babies that constantly need feeding and then space to practise flying.  The special milk, then mealworms, then safe spaces to stretch and jump in and ultimately the flight cage are expensive.  So we hold regular bat walks and events which you can find out about via our Facebook page.  We also have an Amazon wishlist and are linked to Easyfundraising.  We really appreciate your help and support.