evesham bat care

Found a bat?

Have you found a grounded or injured bat? Don’t panic! 

Contact Bat Conservation Trust

Always follow the advice given by BCT and telephone the helpline if you ever find a grounded bat. 

0345 1300 228

All Evesham Bat Care carers and ambulance drivers are registered with BCT (Bat Conservation Trust). The BCT helpline will be able to give you details of your nearest registered bat carer, who will be able to organise the collection and care of the bat.

Key points

  • Do not handle with bare hands
  • Scoop up with a tea towel and put gently in a shoe box (check for holes!)
  • Ring BCT and get details of your nearest carer
  • Put your box somewhere warm and quiet and then ask your carer lots of questions about your bat when they arrive!